The Swanifesto

Draft 8 1/8/2015

Our Purpose [why we were founded]

Bring the Kingdom of God to Humanity via Transformational Work

Our Vision [where we focus]

Bring Technology to Humanity via Meaningful Experience

Our Mission [what we do]

Build tools that enable people to express themselves 

by solving problems they care about

Our Values [how we prioritize]

== Humanity

Relationships: Treat every person, problem, and perspective with respect, regardless

Listening: Honor as your own the pain of those you work with

Trust: When we fail to fulfill our promises, learn to make it right

== Programming

Inspiration: Teach constructive change via transparent models

Iteration: Optimize opportunities for lucky success and smart failure

Preparation: First take small steps that reduce the risk of big steps

== Meaningful Experience

Initiate: Take responsibility for what matters most

Lead: Tackle the hardest part first

Share: Swiftly send signals of stress and opportunity

Our Motto [whom we appeal to]

You don’t have to believe in miracles; you just have to make good use of them.

Our Verse [when to believe]

John 10:37-38 (TLB)

Don’t believe me unless I do miracles of God. But if I do, believe them even if you don’t believe me. Then you will become convinced that the Father is in me, and I in the Father.

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