How to Disrupt Facebook

Hands-on Experience (HOX) is the world’s first open platform for building empowerment networks, a purpose-driven alternative to traditional social networks:

  • Social networks inspire attention around what matters now.
  • Empowerment networks (a la Joe Edelman) inspire action around what matters most.

HOX helps individuals and organizations rally around what matters most to them. By leveraging the power of mobile, social, and design, we give people the cues, resources, and accountability they need to become their best selves.

The Plan

Our initial target is value-centric communities that are already organized around a higher purpose, such as churches and nonprofits. Our long term goal is to turn traditional project and knowledge management systems inside out, to serve the needs of next-generation corporations.

Our secret sauce is a novel cascading data model developed by Dr. Ernest Prabhakar over the last five years. This allows us to efficiently create, manage, and link multiple communities of interest across individuals and organizations.

Our first product, Hands-on Christianity, was developed  by millennial consultant Ryan Derfler. He has taken dozens of high-profile individuals and organizations through transformational experiences that allowed them to live out their highest values.

We are seeking outside funding that would allow us to turn that manual process into a virtual platform for serving the churches of the bay area. 

The Model

Our business model is what might be called Government as a Service. The essential code and algorithms are open source in order to maximize transparency and trust. For the same reason, every community’s data is private to them, which means we can’t do sitewide advertising.

Instead, we are adopting a franchise model, where communities pay us a “tax” for identity, hosting, or commerce services (including local, opt-in advertising). Like WhatsApp, we may charge a deferred fee of $1 per user to cover our base costs, and make a profit from transaction fees. 

The Strategy

Technically, of course, it is impossible to disrupt a free product like Facebook with a paid product. Our actual strategy is more like iOS versus Android. Apple’s addressable market is only around 10% of the worlds population – but it is the segment most wealthy and attractive to online businesses.

Our goal is not to get the most online activity, but the best. If we can pull that off, the potential for dating, health, social impact, and many other verticals would be profound.

Do you want to help us find out?

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